AMS Launch


Friday 20 June 2014, Shell Technology Center Amsterdam (on invite only)

Day Chairman: Tarik Yousif

12.00 Reception with ‘walking lunch’ in the main hall, with demonstration objects of smart city solutions

13.00 Welcome and opening by the Day Chairman Tarik Yousif and a brief statement by Gerald Schotman, CTO of Shell in plenairy hall

13.10 Amsterdam Living Lab: about the interest of Amsterdam in AMS, by Kajsa Ollongren, Deputy Mayor of Amsterdam

13.20 AMS Talk: founders and partners share their drivers and visions for AMS: Dirk Jan van den Berg, Chairman Board TU Delft and Louise Fresco, Chairman Board Wageningen UR

14.00 coffee break

14.30 AMS Interaction – Presentations by Arnold Bregt, Professor of Geo Information Science WUR, Carlo Ratti, Director of the SENSEable City Laboratory MIT, Arjan van Timmeren, Professor of Environmental Technology & Design TU Delft

15.00 AMS Inspiration – Keynote by Greg Lindsay, senior fellow of the World Policy Institute (also co-director of the Emergent Cities Project), a visiting scolar at New York University’s Rudin Center for Transportation Policy & Management, and a research affiliate of the New England Complex Systems Institute.

15.30 Switch to sessions (coffee and tea in the session rooms)

15.45 Start of sessions in session rooms:

  • #1: test beds, what and how?
  • #2: care & cure
  • #3: round table data platform
  • #4: Amsterdam family of institutes
  • #5: urban metabolism
  • #6: extreme climate
  • #7: engineering entrepreneurship
  • #8: transport lab

16.45 Switch to plenary hall

17.00 AMS Dialogue – Plenary Finale chair Tarik Yousif: actively sharing of ideas with our industrial, societal and academic partners.

17.30 Drinks and closure

Parallel sessions

#1 Test beds, what and how?
Research and valorisation in AMS will be integrated throughout the city by means of a network of test beds. In this session we will discuss existing Amsterdam test beds, in cooperation with Amsterdam Smart City and Alliander.

#2 Care & Cure
This session deals with challenges in care & cure and the ways this can be implemented in solution driven research and education.

#3 Round table Data Platform
The Data Platform is one of the key elements of AMS. This session focuses on the kind of data AMS is looking for and what we can learn from showcases such as the Senseable City Lab.

#4 Amsterdam Family of Institutes
A strong cooperation with institutes such as AIHT, Centre for Urban Studies, ECN and Beta Cluster Amsterdam creates great added value for research and education.

#5 Urban Metabolism
Amsterdam aspires to become a circular city. Curator Dirk Sijmons will guide us through the 2014 IABR ‘Urban by Nature’ exhibition and lead a discussion on how to engineer this urban metabolism.

#6 Extreme Climate
Handling extreme rainfall and heat is an essential aspect of delta cities like Amsterdam. Smart monitoring and the design of public space are at the basis of a resilient city.

#7 Engineering Entrepreneurship
AMS focuses on the valorisation of metropolitan solutions and entrepreneurship. During this session, insights will be shared by incubators including YesDelft, iLAB Wageningen, Ace Venture Lab and Rockstart Accelerator.

#8 Transport Lab
Mobility is one of the main challenges in Amsterdam. Various kinds of data can help us to sense traffic patterns and simulate smart solutions.