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In a fast urbanising world, cities and metropolitan regions increasingly face challenges of sustainability and quality of life challenges that put at risk issues of mobility and logistics, water and waste management, energy and food security, health and wellbeing. We aim to provide progressive education and deliver excellent, interdisciplinary engineers with the theoretical grounding and practical skills to deal with the complex challenges of cities.

At the heart of the AMS educational offering is the new two-year master program Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering (MADE). This program integrates analysis, design and engineering; the physical, digital and social environments; and the city and its citizens. These challenges are motivating science and society to approach metropoles differently. Advanced metropolitan solutions are being made possible by today’s revolution of new technologies, theories and methods. But no actor or stakeholder can make metropoles move in one certain direction. Metropolitan solutions require cooperation between knowledge institutes, companies, governments, between cities, citizens and civil society. Contingent upon accreditation, the MSc MADE program will be launched in September 2017. In the meantime, the AMS Institute has canvassed the first courses, that are expected to start, and made them available for students. Graduates are also welcome to apply for thesis research support.

In addition, the AMS Institute has a growing set of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) to develop deep knowledge in one of the AMS cross-overs topics. These courses are open, online available, for anyone who is interested in specific metropolitan challenges. Unlike the MSc MADE program, MOOC participants will neither be actively tutored nor selected at the gate. However, the best among them (based on previous education, results, motivation and work experience) will have the opportunity to attend a summer school in Amsterdam where they will be taught, tutored and tested in case work, practicals, knowledge and skills. These summer schools are reaching out to the AMS societal and industry partners and provide a interdisciplinary environment to challenge real problems in real cities.

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dr. ir. Maurice Harteveld (TU Delft)