AMS Data Demonstrators

Every day, more and more information becomes available in digital form. This data – sometimes referred to as Big Data – is also available for analysis purposes. Policy and decision makers can benefit greatly by analysing and visualising relevant data. These videos show examples of practical solutions to the challenges of daily life in the city.

Beautiful Noise

Tourism is positive. Many businesses thrive on tourism. However, no one wants to see the Vondelpark bursting at its seams, […]

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Meet Rollator

Rollators are a godsend to many elderly people, allowing them to walk without fear of falling. Unfortunately, the city isn’t […]

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Social Sensing on Demand

Sometimes, you need to know exactly what is going on in a city. For example, where streets may be flooded […]

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Social Glass

Every day, huge volumes of data are being generated on social media and via other sources about life in the […]

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