AMS Student Projects

Students from Wageningen University & Research and TU Delft are currently working on thesis projects within the themes of AMS Institute. An overview of these projects can be found here.

Interdisciplinary course Metropolitan Solutions

Case study IJbaan: Facilitating movements across the river IJ In the course ‘Metropolitan Solutions’ an interdisciplinary and international group of […]

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Planning support systems (PSS) in urban development in the Netherlands Understanding the constraints and benefits of PSS

TU Delft student Marije Schilder graduated as the first Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences graduate (MBE track) with an AMS […]

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revealing spatial and temporal patterns from Flickr photography a case study with tourists in Amsterdam

Thesis by Sander van der Drift on new methods delivering meaningful insight into the spatial and temporal patterns of tourists in […]

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Running Amsterdam Analysis of running behaviour through crowdsourced data

Project on analysis of running behaviour through crowdsourced data by Wageningen UR and AMS students Mart Reiling and Thijs Dolders. This study […]

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